Monday, January 12, 2015

Passing out the pieces

It has been quite a long time since i last posted on this blog,but i am back for a little post since i had some time in my hands.

So i wanted to do a little ''haul'' post if that is indeed what you call it,since i thought it would be the best thing to do.
Just a little look on some pieces i have liked these months.

1.Chanel tribute leather trenchcoat,2.Dolce and Gabbana tribute flower embroidered top,3.Original Future prada inspired miniskirt,4.Nelly Mini crop top,5.Basics Black satchel bag,6.Voile baroque gold heels.

1.this coat is on the pricier side for me at least,but its quite good for layering and pulling a good look together.

2.I reaally like this top,its soo pretty and delicate and cool and worth it in my opinion.

3.Havent quite figured out how to wear this,but it has that 60s vibe to me for some reason and the colors are really cool.

4.i really have been into turtle neck stuff lately and this is not something i would usually go for but this one is quite nice.

5.A quite basic bag that could go with anything,really cheap and underrated.

6.these are one of the nicest shoes i have seen on stardoll for awhile,a really cool piece.

This was a short post but i wanted at least something so i could keep this going once in a while, peace and blessings xoxo


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Looking good,feelin gorgeous

So as an experienced non ss,there is a lack of choice compared to superstars,but nonetheless i believe you can look great without all that jazz,i got a suggestion about this post and it seemed a really good idea so i decided to make a post about outfits completely of sc.

So you can say this is a general fashion post,star coin edition.

So yeah basically every item included is listed on the pictures but i know they arent the most glamourous of outfits but idk basically its an outlook to my fav sc items.

This was a mini post but i think i made my purpose,so in the future i was thining of doing posts on my purchases in new stores,let me know if that is something you would like to see.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


So,i once decided that i would not post again on here,because honestly i have gotten older and busier and i have slowly lost my interest for stardoll.

But i decided to post something finally,and i would like to say thank you to every one who said nice things about this blog and sort of pushed me to continue this,im really thankful.

So with good vibes and good music let me start this up again.

1.Bonjour Bizou candy little sweater,Basic black long skirt,B.bizou optical flats,Dior Couture Black Lady Dior M.

2.Basics White lace dress,Evil Panda Shoulder slung moto jkt,It girls Blue wrap around skirt,Fallen angel wednesday shoes.

3.Bonjour Bizou Striped pocket top,archive ripped denim hotpants,Fallen angel silk navy blazer,Fallen Angel fedora,Cheap monday Layer boot hide,Decades Purple sun shades.


accessories to look out for
1.The Black Lady dior M is a really classy and just a really well made bag,it goes with a lot of stuff and it just looks pretty as hell on,it is a little pricey but if you are going to spend money on a bag,spend it on this.

2. i am obsessed with these cheap monday boots,they look great on and like just are such a must have in a closet,i actually really wish i could own them in real life.

3.This dior necklace just really reminds me of old hollywood glamour,looks great with black clothes and is really versatile. these bizou flats are pretty neat and um cheap and non ss which is suprising,loove them.

5.this bag made a comeback from originally being in the versace tribute,quite pricey like everything on sd these days but still a good piece to have.


Love the new tatoos on sd,not all of them are great but im pretty sure everyone can find one that goes with their style.

So Thats all for this post but i would really really like some suggestions for posts,i would like to keep this blog alive for a little while,so please dont be shy and ask me stuff :)


Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Month

I have to admit stardoll has put out some pretty decent collections and pieces lately,but to my luck,i have run out of all the sd i had left,but anyways.
The cheap monday collection is super nice and the callie's picks thing is also ok,but i am showing overall what i bought this month,with the remaining money i had.
I guess you could call this a ''Haul'',since maybe some of you might be interested in what i liked this month,maybe.

1.Pretty in Love Hearts Denim Jacket 2.Decades West Egg Blouse 3.Bonjour Bizou Dazzling Red Shoes,4.Pretty In Love Compact Carpet Bag 5.Decades Full Skirt 6.Fallen Angel Rose Tulle Scarf 7.Pretty In Love Dynasty Veil 8.Pretty In Love Castle Embroidered Blouse.

1.So pretty in love has recently brought back some of the old stuff,including this nice denim jacket,which i did not get my hands on while it was still available,i love the jacket except the hearts on the shoulders,but those can be covered up and plus i got it on sale.

2.Even though the choice isn't great,stardoll has a lot of nice sc items,since now this is all i can buy,i rediscovered this simple sheer top which basically goes with everything.

3.I discovered these as well,pretty shiny,pretty glittery which typically is sort of not my thing,but i really like these,and they are super cheap.

4.I saw this bag on a recent post in our partner blog link for reference),its quite lovely,inspired by Dolce and Gabbana i believe,a nice piece.

5.Love this flowing,vintage looking skirt,and since it was an sale,always rad!

6.This scarf sort of is really romantic to me somehow and sort of  gothic but really wearable and cool.

7.Havent figured out how to pull this off quite yet,but i am sure it will look cool.

8.Again,one of the items that re-appeared on Pretty in Love,and i just like the collar and pattern and stuff like that.

1.Decades Double Breasted Coat 2.Nelly Stardust Hair Piece 3.Pretty in Love Chain Loafer Platforms 4.Pretty In Love Black lys A Line Skirt 5.Callie's picks Tartan Wool Skirt 6.Callie's Picks Tartan Turban 7.Archive Sequin Sheer Overlay Dress.

1.I am not quite sure yet about how i am going to style this coat,but it was on sale and its pretty nice in my opinion.

2.I loove this thing,its a bit pricey just for a hair piece but its really pretty and the graphics are pretty good on it,it looks great on dark hair and basically goes with anything.

3.These shoes seemed sort of preppy to me,yes pretty simple but i liked the shape and the height and whatever,a good pair of shoes to get on sale.

4.Been meaning to get this skirt for a long time,cool shape.

5.So exited when i saw this was back,a sort of must have for my closet especially this time round.

6.I dont own a turban and this one looked better than the other ones available.

7.I bought this one a little while ago,but i had to include it because its super nice,and just perfect for me.

So yeah i am sorry this is a little bit of a short post,but i thought it would be fun to do,and maybe you would be interested.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Blonde Dream

I Wouldn't exactly know how to call this look,but this.

Inspired mostly by The Virgin Suicides,when i think of this i basically imagine blonde girls running in fields and basically everything sunny and sad .
Yes i know its already autumn,and not summer but i don't care.

 Face and hair wise,just natural messy and almost no make up on.

                                                            My version of this look

This is one of my favourite pictures,its just basically these dreamy blondes in their own fantasy world.I'm not a blonde myself,but somehow the way the lisbon girls are portrayed in the movie with their longing,sandiness,dreams is what i admire.


                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

For this look i imagine flowy dresses and light colors,and black lace and boots and black gothic shoes,white shirts,and basically really looking like you did not put effort into it.

1.Decades Zelda dress,fallen angel rose tulle scarf,fallen angel 
wednesday shoes.
2.Bonjour Bizou striped pocket top,pretty n love flowing lace skirt,decades long pearl necklace,bonjour bizou alexa tap shoes.

3.Archive Sequin Sheer Overlay dress,Chanel Lavender Sandals,Antidote Ivoire Orbit Socks,Decades fierce pink shades.

                                       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

   And of course,lots and lots of flower crowns and head bands.

1.Pretty in Love Daisy headband 2.Pretty in Love Miss World Crown 3.Flower girl head band.

                                Photos shot by Petra Collins for Rookie

                 - - - - - -- - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - --

So i hope you will like this look i tried to recreate,and will try it as well,just like being a lisbon sister,or a dreamy blonde

Im sorry that i haven't posted in a long while,i was busy during my vacation,and star doll is very very boring lately,but i have some posts coming soon,that i hope you will like.

            - - - - - - -- - -- - - -- - -- - - - -- - 


Friday, July 26, 2013


Lately I'm really bored with star doll,there has been nothing exiting for weeks,except e couple of magazines and things here and there,but you know i haven't lost interest completely just yet,still hoping for something...

But until then i thought i would make a post about items worth buying right now,still available,still in the star plaza.

 The Everyday Long Blazer(60 sc) is an item i bought a long time ago when i was starting out,its cheap,its simple,and looks pretty good.

Im pretty sure they were called differently before but The Hotbuys Wedges(9 sd) came out with the Hotbuys summer retro collection that basically is bringing back all the old pieces.
I really find these wedges edgy and quite cool,and i sure stardoll is not that generous to keep these available for a long time,so i think its worth getting them now.

Chloe Sevigny looking rad in what i suppose is the real version of these shoes.

This Foggy Silk Print Skirt(9 sd) inspired by Proenza Schouler and i like it because it has a cool japanese vibe.

The Comfey Grey Shirt is quite old and a nice and affordable piece,i haven't worn it in a while,since its a little hard to create outfits with it,but i still think its worth a look.

Earlier this month there was a chanel tribute released that was okay,but one of my favourite pieces were The Chanel Lavender Sandals(17 sd).

So yeah i guess that was a short one,but i promise a longer post when there is more excitement in star doll.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Dreams and Horror

Hello old friends,all apologies for my absence,but with the finals and exams coming up,i think you all understand why.So it seems I've picked the worst time to become a superstar,since nothing good is coming from stardoll,everything is just so monotone so pink,so uncreative,so boring.

I thought i might just make a post about two looks i really like,from the movies The virgin suicides and rosemary's baby.

I am pretty obsessed with the movie The Virgin Suicides,a couple of days ago i discovered this cool dress from decades.It really reminds me of her dress,a very dreamy and rad dress i would say.
Plus its on sale right now.(Decades Zelda Dress,13sd,7sd on sale)

Rosemary's baby is a pretty creepy movie,but you have to admit her style is pretty killer,so basically she wears a lot of baby doll dresses,collared ones,flowy ones,in super cool patterns.

Any dreamy,collared,flowy,and baby doll dress that you have,should work.


Or you could be doing her Pixie cut,freckles,and dark eyes.

So you could look (in the word of rookie magazine)spawn of satan chic.

                                Vogue.ruby :)