Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Fashion

Hello Dollies,vogue.ruby here,so today im posting about fall fashion,fall has always been my favorite fashion season,the colors the sweaters,the coats.So im just going to show you some example of my favorite trends this fashion season :)

                                                1.The Parka

The parka is a fashion piece that is a must have in my everyday and star doll closet,its a simple piece that goes with everything,its so simple but yet so chic and classic,this parka is by mr.garcon :)


                                          2.The maxi dress

This is just a bohemian statement,its quite inspired by the hippie era,they are a huge trend this fall  and its gorgeous in my opinion,this dress is by bonjour bizou,its a nice color grungy cut,and fashionable:)

                                       3.The peter pan collar

This has been a trend all year round,and it certainly wont miss out for fall,i love this cute statement and im sure everyone does too :)


So this is a big big trend this fall,i mean ombre tights,shirts,pants,shorts,are exploding everywhere this season,this is the perfect ombre shirt in my opinion and available at fallen angel :)

Thanks for reading everyone and i hope you enjoyed this post,whats your favorite trend this fall?