Sunday, December 16, 2012

make-up tutorial: Grunge rock

in this post i will be telling you how to get the look 'grunge rock'. I love this look! it's so beautiful and would look great how ever you style it.

you will need:
black lengthening mascara
black volumising mascara
black liquid eyeliner
black eye pencil
black eye-shadow
black brow definer (optional)
flame red lipstick
more moca blush (optional)

step 1:  apply the red lipstick and mascara.
before applying the red lipstick make sure your medoll has the darkest lip colour. this will make the red lipstick have more effect.

step 2: add black eye pencil to your upper and lower eye.

it doesn't have to be perfect, the more messier it is, the more effect it gives!
also, adding the black liquid eyeliner to the bottom makes the eye stand out more, but you dont have to add it if you dont want to.

step 3: add black eye-shadow all around the eye. This creates a smudged look,

step 4: add any finishing touches! 

i have added more moca blush to bring out the cheekbones and added brow definer to the eyebrows. 

i hope you like this look! i would love to hear what you think, thankyou for reading!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get the look: Cara Delevigne

hello everyone! grace here :)
i'm so sorry i haven't been posting for a while, my internet broke and was without it for quite some time... but i'm back ;D

anyways, in this post i will be telling you how get the look of Cara Delevigne! i will show you how to do the make-up and how to dress like her! i chose to do this post on Cara because she is absolutely beautiful and has the most amazing style. hope you like! :)


here is the finished look: (outfit/make-up!)



   items for make-up:
   black eye-shadow
   sunset gold eye-shadow
   more moco blush
   black mascara (optional)


hope you liked the post, would like to hear your opinions so comment if you like! Thank-you for reading, 



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LE Winter Collection.

Yes,yes i have decided to do the stereotypical post this time round,so i had absolutely no clue or haven't even thought about a new collection of LE,maybe because i am not quite an expert in the area so maybe i forgot about the winter collection(even though the collection doesn't look winterish at ALL,but oh well)But there was the theory that LE comes out after the gift ometer.

This collection is not actually bad,yes there is the usual over done use of neon and leopard,but if you look a little deeper there are actually some pretty rad pieces.

   These are my personal picks,yes i am living the lifestyle of a non ss and i can certainly not afford any of it,so this this is just what i would buy if i had the money.

.I like the sweatshirt a lot and i love the slouchy design of it,its pretty flattering and looks great on your doll.

.I love the FIERCE daphne wedges,(i am so convinced that they are named after daphne Guinness but who knows)They are quite the statement in my opinion so all i have to say about them is BAD ASS wedges.

. I think the asos cat ears are really nice,they look pretty nice and the real life ones are gorgeous too,the price is really expensive(60 sd)but maybe it is because of the graphic effects.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So,there are some things in the bazaar that i really,really crave,there are different ideas of rare from doll to doll.But mine are these pieces that are quite old,you do not see on much dolls,but have this meaning to you and look like real vintage.Or maybe it is just me who has an obsession with underrated items.

I have this ever-growing obsession with this item here,maybe because i have a fetish for velvet,something about this dress is so flattering to me,its not very popular but i adore it.I do not own it unfortunately but i hope to have it in the future galaxy.

I also really love printed shirts,these are my absolute favourites,the first one represents God Save The Queen,i am a huge fan of the sex pistols and the shirt is super rad.I am a big lover of bob dylan so the other shirt is to die for :)

So I have this craving for vintage bizou shoes,mostly their really old loafers and boots,do you see how precious these shoes are? I am in love with every single one of them,truly gems.

I absolutely love this FjallRaven Bag that stardoll recreated for us,its quite rare and not a lot of dolls actually have it,but i actually own one in real life,and i adore it to death.

Christopher Kane is one of my favourite designers ever,words can not express how much i love his work,stardoll recreated his designs quite a bit,and these two are my absolute faves.

The infamous joker hat is quite wanted on stardoll,its quite rare and is super rad,its just really flattering and mysterious looking,and very grungy for some reason in my eyes.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Hello! So I am proud to say that we have a new media partner in our vintage stardoll family.

Nymph Attire is this super rad blog about stardoll fashion,owned by A_Horror.If you want a cool vintage and grunge themed blog,this definitely the one to visit :) 

             I Hope you All Have A Wonderful Weekend:)

                          Vintage Stardoll

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Help

So even i can sometimes get confused about what accessories i should get? Will they match? Maybe a little too expensive? In this post i just took some of my ultimate favourites and basically styled them,everyone has their different styles and this may not be helpful, read more for some super rad and edgy accessories.

             1.Fallen Angel Tadpole Galaxy Necklace 

     So yeah, i just love this,its really cool and originally by pamela love,it just adds some edge to any outfit and is       
    Pretty cheap to buy, i definitely use it a lot for outfits.


                     2.Decades Fierce Pink Shades


These came out a while ago and 

they are really awesome,they 

look retro and the shape is 

pretty sweet .I am not quite sure why they are called pink but oh well                                                                                


                   3.Basic Plum Booties

I have been loving these booties since they came out last week,i love the colour, the shape, the style and the autumn shades to it,and i really wish i owned them in real life.

So o think thats it for this post,and i hope it was helpful,these items are also all in starcoins and maybe i will be doing sc outfits next time :)


A Letter of Appreciation

Hello:) This i going to be a short editors letter,the main reason of this post,is to give thanks to all the people that actually  read our blog,and the nice comments i have been getting on it. Yes we do own a unpopular and rather small.But we thank you thanks that you actually make room for our wierd grungy hipster folk.Me and grace are pretty appreciative for the little but very meaningful support we have,our views have increased so much since we first started and we are very happy about it:) We never thought people would actually read our blog . Any way i am going to cut it short before i make this letter boring.

 Thank you :)

                         Lots of Love

                        Vintage Stardoll 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Playlist

 Greetings! I know some of you do not care what kind of music i listen to,but i thought it would be fun to share what i have Been Listening to this month,so here are my picks

1. Lana del rey- Ride 


3.Hole- Doll parts

4.BauHaus-Bela Lugosi is dead

5.The doors- The end

6.Nirvana-Heart shaped box

7.Nick Drake- Pink Moon

8.Halloween-Siouxie and the banshees

9.The Cure- Love cats

10.The Velvet Underground Ft Nico-Femme Fatale 

                                                         Peace out XXX


Get the look : Charlotte free

Hello! So i have always had this obsession with the rad Charlotte Free, i just adore her style and look.


So this is her,she is an american model from L.A,who is really known for her pink hair and edgy style.

This is the look i thought was closest to hers,the hair really reminded me of hers,and of course the pink hair is a must.I dip dyed it but you can do the whole thing.She has blue eyes,and her makeup is always simple and almost unnoticeable,i would go with a natural lip colour,and some light eye shadow :)

                     Sporty Grunge


                           Soft Grunge

This is how i styled my doll according to her,i mean she does not have a specific style,but i would describe it as Sporty,edgy and colourful.

So i guess this raps up my post,i hope this was helpful,i am not exact with charlotte but i tried to do a look as similar as possible to hers. Thank you so much for reading :)


Monday, October 29, 2012

autumn/winter trends! #2

hello again!
this is a second post on autumn/winter trends, hope you like!

trend 2: over-sized coat!

i love this style! 
not only does it keep the rain out, it keeps you looking absolutely amazing at the same time!<3.

here is a star-doll version of an over-sized coat!:

maybe not your style? don't worry, there are probably lots of coats out there for you. just remember... oversize! (:

make sure too look at the rest of the autumn/winter posts, hopefully you'll like them!<3.


autumn/winter trends! #1

haii readers!

over the next couple days, i will be posting about autumn/winter trends! basically, i will be posting about what you could wear to keep warm but look amazing at the same time!

trend 1: (chunky knitted jumper)

got one of these in your wardrobe!? 
well, now is the time to wear it! it could be your chance to make a graphic statement. make sure you get a size bigger so it is more comfy and stylishhhh!<3.

this is a star-doll version of a knitted jumper:

thanks so much for reading! 
also, i will be doing a few more posts over next couple of days! so make sure you look at them for more trends for this autumn/winter!<3. 




Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ramona Flowers

So,Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is one of my favourite movies of all time,its a fun,interesting,funny movie.

So i am going show you how to get the look of ramona flowers,the girl with colourful hair and rad style that scott falls in love with.

This is the hairstyle that came closest to ramonas,she has 3 different hair colours throughout the movie,all of them look super cool :)

These are the two outfits inspired by her,her style is pretty laid back,and there is a lot of army jackets,bright colours,sweaters,chunky boots,and leather jackets.

This was my recreation of Ramona's look,i know it isn't exact,but it comes quite close,it is actually a really good idea for halloween and i am considering it :)


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Basics

So,everyone has those items in their stardoll closet,that are basically must haves,mine are pretty basic,so today i decided to share two of m favorites and how i style them

1.PPQ Velvet Skirt
So,this skirt is the classic must have on star doll,good colour,nice shape,and basically goes with most things on your closet,these outfits are simple and minimalistic,but skirt goes with any style you choose.

2.Decades Editorial Short
These shorts recently came out from decades,they are pretty,fit perfectly to your doll,and are also easy to match.

So,i know this was a quickie but i will be posting soon,i hope this was helpful,and i hope all of you have an amazing weekend