Friday, June 29, 2012

Kristen Who?

Hey Everyone. Kristen (_HauteCouture_) here. I just wanted to thank vogue.Ruby (Chief Writer & Editor) for inviting me to become part of Vintage Stardoll. It is such a privilege to write for the blog, let alone work alongside 4 other amazing Stardoll users. I'm pretty much just an average 15 year old girl from Great Britain who has a particularly keen eye for fashion. I will be posting and keeping you all updated with the lastest trends and tips, so stay tuned ;)

Mwah. Bye for now.
- Kristen xox

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jean-Paul Gaultier Tribute Shop !

Hello everybody !
I know I'm a little late, but here it goes at least : the Jean-Paul Gaultier Tribute Store !

I was really looking forward to that shop, as Jean Paul Gaultier is a very famous french designer. Most of the items are very nice, but it's weird that they didn't made the hair thing like a wig... Anyway, here is my favorite pick up :

What do you think about that new tribute store ?

Cheers xx
Marion /Kickherout

Friday, June 22, 2012

Time For Tea

Hello Again!Im Back with a new Time for tea segment!So Without further a due,I'm just going to present to you in star doll over this post :)

So First i have to talk about this amazing blog right here,its this great blog run by A_Horror,if you are a more grungy person on star doll like i am,its just very inspirational,fun and just gives the best tips ever,i love her diy and other reviews on stuff.So You should definitely check it out!

So the new antidote just came out,and may i just state,every single thing on star doll is getting shitty and monotone,even though i can not buy it,i just think that this collection really really disappointed me, i only like about 3 items in this collection.Old antidote Collections were special and limited and very different and exclusive,this one just doesn't make the cut.

So This is the point of the month were everyone gets exited,and hey so do i,so these hot buys were actually not bad,compared to the previous ones:(But there are only about two items that i am actually thinking about saving up and buying,anyways some are as usual not my cup of tea but as i said this collection is not bad.

There has been a lot of changes and additions on star doll, one of them is the new addition of star doll achievements,in my opinion star doll is trying to make this site too competitive, i mean first the levels and now the achievements,i just feels this is really pushing the whole elite dolls and more important dolls or whatever,i just think this is really unnecessary,there is one plus side though getting achievements comes with star points(usually 2)anyways what do you think of this new addition?

So That was it for this time for tea episode for this week,expect more to come up :) 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello Everyone

Hello!Vogue.ruby here,i just wanted to apologise for the lack of post lately,my computer has been not working so well lately,and i my exams have been keeping me busy,a new post will be going up soon,until then have a good one lovelies :)

Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute Shop !

Hello there !
Here I go with a NEW tribute store ! As you may know, Nicholas Kirkwood is famous for his very edgy shoe creations.

The store doesn't have a lot of items (well, less than what we had at Anna Sui), some of them are nice and others are a little weird. 
Here is what I might pick up (head band is actually from Voile). I think it's a nice mix of punk and romantic styles (wearable for some kind of a sweet riot girl :D)

I wasn't expecting a lot of things from that shop, or maybe a reedition of that pair of shoes (which was released at Stardoll and the City, and Young Hollywood). 

Anyway, will you buy any ?

Cheers xx
Marion / Kickherout

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anna Sui Tribute shop !

Hello People :)

Here is the big news of the day : the Anna Sui tribute shop is out !

I'm very glad to see some "tribute" made to that fabulous designer on star doll, but I must admit : this isn't great as what we could expect from it. The pattern are really nice (and the head piece are awesome - not the turban things), but on the other side, I think it's a little bit too "circus" for me. It's always at that moment that you realize maybe star doll will never be as good as the Sonia Rykiel tribute (honestly, who doesn't think about that grrrreat collection, huh ?)..
Anyway, here is what I might buy (looooove the socks and that outfit pattern).

That's all folks !

Marion/ Kickherout

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fallen Angel's new collection

Hello people !
so here's my first post on that very nice blog, hope you'll enjoy it (and I'm super glad to join the team !) ;)

As you may have noticed, stardoll has released some newbies in Fallen Angel. I always thought that brand was mainly reserved for emo-goth people because of its dark-torn-studded clothes. The new collection is here more about edginess : it really looks like clothes coming from the future (something between Tingeling and Original Future) ! They are really shaped and more colorful than the others (which is for me a new thing in that shop).
So, what do you think about that ? Will you buy any ?

Here is my favorite pick up of the collection. Let me know if you recognize any in real life.. I love how the black and white pattern looks grungy and futuristic at the same time. Also Stardoll did a great job on designing the bag / I think this is the must have piece of the collection !

Cheers and stay tuned !
Marion/ Kickherout xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time For Tea

Hello again,so im back today after some days of not posting(sincerely sorry about that)i was buzzing around stardoll and thought,why shouldnt i make a little segment called time for tea,basically just giving you the inside scoop and what i have been finding interesting this week,or what i have been loving,what everyone is hyped about,yada yada yada..Just like having tea with me and in the same time just a chat...

Ok,so first i have to tell you about the new series on underneath stardoll,its called Stardoll story.I mean i praise the person who writed this segment, i mean i just find it so entertaining,because most of the time i just find blog posts informative and helpful,but this series and the today s top trends what were they thinking segment just pure entertaining,thats why i love blogs,frankly without them stardoll would be boring :)

Soooo!The New Chanel summer collection came out some days ago.woot woot Raise the roof,honestly this collection is nice,but you know just not all that but i still think its okay,but i am 
really really craving the white embroidered vest,and thats the only one,this collection had a rather futuristic theme,that is most of the time not really my cup of tea,but For a better review grace. just made on :)

Holy shit!I mean i was blown away by this,is this girl normal,i love lana and this is just a master piece,yes this amazing wall art was made by annie from russia A.k.A Ladyrock07,I mean she said in an interview that it took quite a few days,mega huge props to this talented Member:)




I am seriously obsessed with these magazines,i have read every single issue of these magazines and i just love them and they are addictive,if you still have not checked them out then hurry up,honestly they give the best styling tips that you never thought would help you.Their graphics are just amazing, and their issued never ever fail to impress:)




So that was time for tea today,but more are soon to come up,yayayaya.



Coco Chanel Tribute review

hi guys, i haven't done a post in a while because i have been quite busy, i will be posting more so be sure to read all of our other posts!

anyways, i will be reviewing the new Coco Chanel tribute:

I really like these outfits. mainly because it's very beautiful and simple, but real hip at the same time. Also, The hair is highly unique and original. In my opinion, I find the shoes quite weird, because with these outfits you would expect them to be less girly and more adventuress. personally, i think the black dress on the far right is probably a bit to casual for this brand, they should have defiantly put some different shoes on it to maybe make it look better. Also i don't think it should cost 34 star-dollars, that's way to much for a casual dress like that.

here is the second set of clothing by Coco Chanel. Again, i'm not too keen on the shoes. i thought they would have been a bit more over the top and extravagant. although, the 2 outfits on the far left are really cute. especially the pink one, it's really pretty. none of these outfits are something i would consider putting on my me-doll.


well, that was my review on the new coco Chanel clothing. i would love to hear what you  think of these outfits, so maybe leave a little comment?  thanks for reading!

written by:  qrace.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Hotbuys Review

Hello , i know i have not posted for a while but i really have been busy soo...Today i come with a review of the new june hotbuys,i have to say this month s hotbuys are great,i mean comparing to the may ones that were awful,so i do like these items,i think they represent the new summer trends colors and stuff like that....

HotBuys Peace scarf:Its an okay scarf,but a little bit boring,not something i would purchase,but personally it looks a bit trashy.

Hotbuys Dress:Okay i really do not like this dress,maybe because i just do not like the leopard print,and the dress is just not my cup of tea,but overall i think i will not be purchasing....

Hotbuys Denim Shorts: These shorts are really nice,although i just dont think they should be hot buys,i just think they are too ordinary looking, i mean of course  they are going to be overprice,and i just do not think its worth it,but they are nice....

Hotbuys Jungle Gown:Yawn........

Hotbuys Tassle Earrings:Ehm nice,the colors are good and overall its a good design,nothing much too say more.

Hotbuys Techno Top: Personally this is my favorite item of this months selection, i love it i love the design the pattern the fringe at the bottom i just really dig it.

Hotbuys plastic basket:I really like this Basket/bag,i love that its inspired by the louis vuitton spring collection.

Hotbuys Belt swimsuit: Nyah,not really liking it,i find it trashy.

Hotbuys Mesh Swimsuit:Same here...

Hotbuys Techno Platforms:Pretty good like the color,shape etc..

Okay so that was my review,hope you liked it...