Sunday, December 16, 2012

make-up tutorial: Grunge rock

in this post i will be telling you how to get the look 'grunge rock'. I love this look! it's so beautiful and would look great how ever you style it.

you will need:
black lengthening mascara
black volumising mascara
black liquid eyeliner
black eye pencil
black eye-shadow
black brow definer (optional)
flame red lipstick
more moca blush (optional)

step 1:  apply the red lipstick and mascara.
before applying the red lipstick make sure your medoll has the darkest lip colour. this will make the red lipstick have more effect.

step 2: add black eye pencil to your upper and lower eye.

it doesn't have to be perfect, the more messier it is, the more effect it gives!
also, adding the black liquid eyeliner to the bottom makes the eye stand out more, but you dont have to add it if you dont want to.

step 3: add black eye-shadow all around the eye. This creates a smudged look,

step 4: add any finishing touches! 

i have added more moca blush to bring out the cheekbones and added brow definer to the eyebrows. 

i hope you like this look! i would love to hear what you think, thankyou for reading!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get the look: Cara Delevigne

hello everyone! grace here :)
i'm so sorry i haven't been posting for a while, my internet broke and was without it for quite some time... but i'm back ;D

anyways, in this post i will be telling you how get the look of Cara Delevigne! i will show you how to do the make-up and how to dress like her! i chose to do this post on Cara because she is absolutely beautiful and has the most amazing style. hope you like! :)


here is the finished look: (outfit/make-up!)



   items for make-up:
   black eye-shadow
   sunset gold eye-shadow
   more moco blush
   black mascara (optional)


hope you liked the post, would like to hear your opinions so comment if you like! Thank-you for reading,