Monday, October 29, 2012

autumn/winter trends! #2

hello again!
this is a second post on autumn/winter trends, hope you like!

trend 2: over-sized coat!

i love this style! 
not only does it keep the rain out, it keeps you looking absolutely amazing at the same time!<3.

here is a star-doll version of an over-sized coat!:

maybe not your style? don't worry, there are probably lots of coats out there for you. just remember... oversize! (:

make sure too look at the rest of the autumn/winter posts, hopefully you'll like them!<3.


autumn/winter trends! #1

haii readers!

over the next couple days, i will be posting about autumn/winter trends! basically, i will be posting about what you could wear to keep warm but look amazing at the same time!

trend 1: (chunky knitted jumper)

got one of these in your wardrobe!? 
well, now is the time to wear it! it could be your chance to make a graphic statement. make sure you get a size bigger so it is more comfy and stylishhhh!<3.

this is a star-doll version of a knitted jumper:

thanks so much for reading! 
also, i will be doing a few more posts over next couple of days! so make sure you look at them for more trends for this autumn/winter!<3. 




Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ramona Flowers

So,Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is one of my favourite movies of all time,its a fun,interesting,funny movie.

So i am going show you how to get the look of ramona flowers,the girl with colourful hair and rad style that scott falls in love with.

This is the hairstyle that came closest to ramonas,she has 3 different hair colours throughout the movie,all of them look super cool :)

These are the two outfits inspired by her,her style is pretty laid back,and there is a lot of army jackets,bright colours,sweaters,chunky boots,and leather jackets.

This was my recreation of Ramona's look,i know it isn't exact,but it comes quite close,it is actually a really good idea for halloween and i am considering it :)


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Basics

So,everyone has those items in their stardoll closet,that are basically must haves,mine are pretty basic,so today i decided to share two of m favorites and how i style them

1.PPQ Velvet Skirt
So,this skirt is the classic must have on star doll,good colour,nice shape,and basically goes with most things on your closet,these outfits are simple and minimalistic,but skirt goes with any style you choose.

2.Decades Editorial Short
These shorts recently came out from decades,they are pretty,fit perfectly to your doll,and are also easy to match.

So,i know this was a quickie but i will be posting soon,i hope this was helpful,and i hope all of you have an amazing weekend