Monday, May 28, 2012

The dip dye trend

Hello again!I have not been able to write for a while,exams kept me busy and all, anyways today i come with a new post called the dip dye trend,its been seen on the real world and on stardoll,so im just going to show how you can do it on stardoll,of course there is a lot of ways and they are super easy and pretty....

So the most simple way is to buy hair with the dip dye effect on them,the tress up wig store,has all of their wigs supporting the dip dye trend,this one if one of my favorites.

The next version is my favorite,just getting some highlighter,

and colouring the ends of your hair,i you are choosing bright colours pair it with lighter shades of hair,and i think black is also a nice idea...

So i hope you enjoyed this post, its a lot of fun to do,one of the biggest trends right now,and it looks great....

Till next time



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Splash in stardoll

Hello Again,as most of you may know stardoll just came out with the new collection of riviera,the graphics are amazing,the colors are great and the swim suits are very nice,i have to say a big improvement to their last collection that was in my opinion boring...So anyways these are just some ways i styles some pieces from the new collection,i hope you enjoy .................

This outfit is inspired by the 60s high waisted,hot pants swim bottoms,they are gorgeous.i just took this bright top,and matching accsesories....

this is a more chill look,and the you can see just a hint of the cute floral swim suit,otherwise its a very casual look,and i love the short,reminds me of a look you would wear to coachella ....


This is a more simple look,its mostly is made out of white pieces with a hint of blue its a minimalistic and nice outfit.......

I feel like this reminds me of a 50s housewife look,the scarf the glasses,and not to mention the fierce black swim suit....


So that was all and i hope you liked it,i did forget to mention that in none of these looks i wore the swim suits on their own,i just think that looks kind of boring...




Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hello again :)So a while ago i posted some outfits all from clothes  you can find at the starplaza now,so it was about time i did it again,since there is a lot of new additions to the starplaza,so this was a perfect excuse.... Anyways enjoy....

this look is just gorgeous,it looks so effortless and chic,i am in love with this outfit,and this boxy,masculine blazer from evil panda...

This outfit is my favorite,its more of a every day look,most of this outfit is focused on the neutral colors and the pretty plaid collared crop shirt........

 I decided to do a slightly darker look,i absolutely adore this black fur jacket,and the new shoes its just a very casual outfit

So this time i wanted to brighten thing up a notch,so i just took a very bright mesh kinda see through shirt,with an adorable daisy and stripe skirt,the glasses were on sale so why not,this kind if yellow is always nice to add.....

So that was it guys , i hope you enjoyed it ,and girl on a budget segment coming soon :)



Friday, May 11, 2012

Make-up tutorial: 'elegant'

hey everyone. I'm going to show you how you can get the 'elegant' vintage look. here is a list of things you will need during this make-up tutorial.

  • black lengthening mascara. 
  • white eye-pencil.
  • black eye-pencil.
  • blue eye-pencil.
  • black eye shadow.
  • blusher of your choice.
  • black volumizing mascara.


step 1:    eyes
firstly, use your black volumizing/lengthening  mascara, and use it until the eyelashes are at the longest. Secondly, apply white eye-pencil to the corner of the eye. When you have done that, grab your blue eye pencil and use it on the bottom of your eye. Finally, get your black eye-pencil and apply it next to the white. 
*You can use white and black eyeliner over the eye pencil to give more effect*


step 2:
to make the black eye pencil stand out more, go over it with the black eye-shadow to make it look more bold and beautiful. You can also do this with the white. 

Here is what I mean:


Step 3: eyebrows.
when you have finished with the eye shadows, we are now going to apply black brow definer on the eyebrows to make them look more amazing! 

here is how you do it:
take your brow definer and slowly apply it to the bottom of the eye brow. make sure you don't go too high other wise the eyebrows wont look too good.


step 4: finishing touches.
when you have finished everything, you can use blusher to make the cheeks look nicer, and make the face look more complete. you can choose whatever blush you want, although the red blush looks very odd because it doesn't match. Also, change the colour of the lips if you want!


thank-you for reading! please leave a comment because i would love to hear from you! hope this look gave you some ideas.

written by:   qrace.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

News Flash

Hey Hey! So im starting this new segement called news flash, since the whole posting about every single new thing on stardoll is kinda not my thing , so im just going to include all the new stuff on stardoll worth mentioning....

                            So.... The new additions to evil Pandaah

I quite like the collection,just a little bit of it came on the shop today,but im sure more is to come,anyways check it out,looks gr


  Oh yeah.. the new stardesign hair just came out, it was about Time...

So it just came out,not very good at it but im sure its nice,but not so many choices i guess, anyways finally something nice

kk,so just wanted to say that the new hotbuys are coming out often,and i dont know why but they are just exiting,one thing that is not exiting at ALL, is the prices i mean really? cmon stardoll.... So this dress is my favorite , its an amazingly well done dress, it fits perfectly.BUT its still costs 23 Sd, uhh i know.

So guys that was the newflash for now, expect more soon......




Monday, May 7, 2012

                                        Interview with aphiba or Faye


Hi i recently had an interview with fashion and style icon,trendsetter,and amazing columnist Faye or Differently known as Aphiba......

Vogue.ruby:Hi Faye ! Can you Tell us a little bit about yourself?

 Aphiba: I'm a 14 year old girl from the rainy part of the United States. I'm a blogging and fashion fanatic who's best friends are secretly Wiki and Spell Check.

 Vogue.ruby:What do you usually Like To do on stardoll?

Aphiba: I like to shop, and write. I also enjoy talking to the people I meet on line here. 

Vogue.ruby: What inspires you do write your columns ,they are amazing!

Aphiba: Thank you! On ISD, I'm hired to write trends, whereas everywhere else I have to go on my own when it comes to what I have to write about. Usually, I find myself writing about thinks that have irked me, or that have been on my mind at the time.

Vogue.ruby: Any Music Preferrences?

Aphiba: Alternative rock, and Indie.

Vogue.ruby: Describe your style in some wordshi.

Aphiba: Eclectic, futuristic, and a little bit business at times

Vogue.ruby: Do you like anybody s’style or suite on stardoll?

Aphiba: I'm a huge fan of Seasonalhotbuys and Devie44

Vogue.ruby: What is your favorite trend right now?

Aphiba:Probably pastel and floral prints at the moment. 

Vogue.ruby:And one last question,what tribute would you like stardoll to release?

 Aphiba:I'm a sucker for the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection!

 Thank you faye, it has been a pleasure having you!

 Thank you for the interview :)





Sunday, May 6, 2012

Make-up tutorial: 'vintage rock chick'

hey there! in this make-up tutorial, i will show you how you can achieve the vintage rock chic look. Here is a list of what make-up you will need:

  • black lengthening mascara.
  • black volumizing mascara.
  • white and black eye pencil.
  • white and black eye liner.
  • black eye shadow.
  • black brow definer.
  • sun set gold eye-shadow.
  • blusher of your choice.

step 1: Eyes.
apply white eye pencil and white eye liner to only the front bit of the eye. this makes the eyes stand out when it's surrounded by the black eye shadow. After you have finished applying the white things, get your black eye pencil and black eye liner then apply it until the end of the eye. When your done, it should look a bit like this:

-it's up to you if you want to apply black eye pencil to the bottom of the eye, but personally i think it looks better with it.  


step 2:  Eyes.
use your black eye shadow all around the eye. By doing this, it makes the eye stand out.

after doing this, get your sun set gold eye-shadow and apply on top of the black eye-shadow underneath the eye. This part is what makes it look rock chick! 
Here is what it should look like now:


Step 3: eyebrows.
when you have finished with the eye shadows, we are now going to apply black brow definer on the eyebrows to make them look more amazing! 

here is how you do it:
take your brow definer and slowly apply it to the bottom of the eye brow. make sure you don't go too high other wise the eyebrows wont look too good.


step 4: cheeks
the look is almost finished, and all that is left is the blusher. Add the blusher of your choice on to the cheeks, but not ALL AROUND the cheeks because that is too over the top. only add the blusher on to the cheekbones to bring them out. 
-if you prefer not to add blusher, you don't have too. the make-up will still look complete and wonderful!
now that the look is complete, you can add any finishing touches you like. I have chosen to change the colour of the lips to a dark colour, because this look is based on rock'n'roll!


Thank-you for reading, and i hope you like this make-up tutorial. I would love to see what you vintage lovers think of this make-up tutorial so please leave a comment!   

written by: qrace.

Makeup trends for spring

So.. we always do posts about clothes and trends,but lets talk about makeup, today im just going to show you some trends that are going around this spring, enjoy..........

The smokey Eye

Okay so the smokey eye is not really a trend right now,but its still a classic,and a look that you can rock any time,a bold darker red always breaks the ice, i just feel that the contoured cheeks and the bold lips compliments the eye look.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors are always fun , but mostly this spring and summer season,from the runways to our beauty parlors,the can bring light to any face...

These are all i got today until next time



Saturday, May 5, 2012

girls CAN wear menswear!


hello!  is there a boys top that you really want to purchase but you don't want to because your scared you'll look boyish? well here's a way you can prevent yourself from looking boyish, and look extra glamorous instead, girls can easily pull this look off! 


step 1:  
choose your men's top/jacket. I have chosen to use this jacket, because it's so stylish, and can look incredible on everyone! -especially girls-


step 2:
choose your top and trousers. I have chosen to use this jumper as a top because its also men's but still looks good. The collar on this top I have chosen really does make the whole outfit look brilliant. Also, the silver colour of the jacket makes jumper stand out.  :)


step 3:
make sure to accessories with a bag or any hair accessories you have, to make the outfit look more girley
*-you might want to use a skirt to replace the trousers-*


Thank-you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! hopefully you will try this type of look out and love it! I strongly recommend it because this look is amazing, and beautiful. feel free to write a comment about what you think about this post.  ;)

written by: qrace.

Menswear, why not?

Well when we talk abut menswear,most girls think that you can not pull it off,of course you have the female clothes inpired by menswear,but i am talking about legit menswear , menswear is definetly not for everyone,but for those who like to experiment,and go out of limits, this will show just how to do it.

So here i used a mr.garcon jacket and a shirt, now i love this look,its very chic and it looks like im going to a cricket game somewhere in england,well the key of not looking wierd in menswear is to add feminine accsesories, mens jackets can be very hard to pull off so a touch of feminine is a must.

This look is my favorite, i love the the combination of the chunky menswear sweater,with the detailed super cute skirt,and the secret in this is if you wear something like a sweater or a jacket (menswear) then pair it with something completely the opposite with it,like i did here,like i said before keep the accsesories very feminant like the glasses.......

This includes only one masculine piece but its a gorgeous outfit,i totally love the bag,i mean its gorgeous right?any ways so here i just piled on a big big jacket and a very pretty one from film theory i think..and underneath i wore a floral dress that compliments the white shirt very well...


Anyways this concludes this post i hope you enjoyed this, i love menswear and i am not afraid to wear it ,its not what you wear its how you wear it,it can look absolutely wrong or absolutely chic,so till later



Friday, May 4, 2012

aztec/retro look

hi guyssss. So recently I have really badly fallen in love with the new retro look. This is because it's full of beautiful vibrant colour and interesting shapes. If you don't know the retro look is, here are two examples, which i absolutely LOVE. (in nail-vanish form)   

i like this nail vanish because it is different and simpler then the second example. by deciding to use the main colour as black, it make the rest of the design stand out because black is a very bold and outstanding colour.

This second one is definitely my favorite of the two retro looks I have chosen to show you, mainly because it uses much more colour range and have more shape variety.    


there is a lovely retro/vintage t-shirt i have been keeping my eye on. here it is: 

the reason i love this top is because it has a lot of detail and a beautiful range of colours. I extremely love the colour that is included in the top as-well, it's what makes the t-shirt look vintage.

well, i hope you like this and you will start liking the retro style. Thanks for reading!

written by:  qrace.

My Picks Of the week

Hello again,so im starting this segment on the blog that includes my picks,balenciaga,and grace. s picks for the week,so im going to start with my picks...


So i purchased this jacket a week ago,i really really like it and its,become a must have in my closet,so anyways this is one of my picks...........

All i have to say is i am so in love with this skirt,its so vintage,pin up 40s inspired,cute and spunky.I tried this skirt in a hippie like look and it was perfect,i really reccomend it.

                                   Tress up Tijana Hair

So as you guys know, the new tress up wigs are selling like hot cakes,i have to admit it has been getting a bit monotone,but i have to ask, are the designed wigs well, out?Anyways my favorite are the tijana hair , i love that all of them are supporting the dip dye hair trend,any ways this is my pick

Written By :Vogue Ruby

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Floral patterns:

hi there vintage lovers! so lets face it, everybody loves a bit of flower power here and there, but are you having trouble trying to find particular types of clothing that will actually go with the floral pattern? well, don't worry because here are a few tips and simple outfits that might help you out! also, if you are trying to look for flowery types of clothing, BIZOU is the perfect shop to go to! :)

 so, here is an outfit I have put together recently. It is mainly for people who like to mix and match with colours. To accessorize, I have used a simple black hat from Bizou, which gives this outfit an edgy look. I used a light blue skirt because light blue was the colour that least stood out on the T-shirt.(I wanted to bring it out more because it's a beautiful colour) Also, underneath the floral top, i have used a white collared crop top to make the outfit look more interesting!

this is also an outfit i recently thought of, I used the 'pink grey forties knee length skirt' from the shop 'windows of the world' to achieve the vintage look, and too bring out the significance of this beautiful crop-top. I had a few accessories in my suite like the 'Jackie Handbag' (also from windows of the world) and a brown skinny belt (from Bizou) which I could have used for this outfit, but it's up to you what you want to use! Also, to replace the skirt, you can use 'blushed tapered trousers' from IT GIRLS, and add a 'patched denim vest' from Bizou to complete the look.


well, i hope you enjoyed reading this! and i hope all these fashion tips helped and you have a vintage floral look in your mind right now. (:

written by:  qrace.

Rares On Starbazaar: Starcoin edition

Hey Guys,so i wrote a post before about rares that you can find 

easily on starbazaar,so now im am going to do a starcoin edition

 This top is not so rare,but its gorgeous,its not that hard to find it if you look,well this shirt is just so pretty,the lace detailing is really pretty and cute,and it adds cuteness to any outfit.....

This bag is also a very popular bag on here,the shape is amazing,and the colour makes it very easy to match any outfit...

Now these pants are a gemstone..,they are very popular on here,and they are amazing,if you want to be a rebel,and add a little bit of rock chic to your outfit,these hotpants are sure to do the job..........

Since Pastels are in this spring,these pants are a perfect pop of color,no matter how dull you outfit may be,they have been seen on a lot of stardolls,and for our suprise their price is in sc.....

 So... This hat was removed from bizou months ago,since then its been a hit and seen everywhere,its of course the shape ,the bowler hat like style, and the colour of course that matches everything,so i if you dont have it by now,we totally reccomend.

So that was everything,hope i helped

                      xxxxxx  Vogue.Ruby

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What to buy: Starcoin edition

I will be particularly honest when I say Stardoll can become expensive. If you live in the real world you might know what I am referring to. Although, it can still be fun while you're on a budget. I have put together a list of items that are in my wishlist right now. Here's a little preview of what I will be sporting this summer! ;)

As you might see, the first thing I can hardly wait to purchase are the chunky black heels seen on Adele's doll. The next few items I really adore are the scarfs. You can't go wrong with a stylish scarf in my opinion. I love the brown leather briefcase. It has a throwback, yet classy-feel that I just swoon over. Another item Adele would in fact rock is the black 'daisy hat.' Her real life style amazes me. The rest of the items on my wishlist are personal choices that reflect a bit of my own style... I love the skirt with the thigh-high stocking and the loose comfy grey shirt.

If you're like me, then your wishlist probably doesn't end here... That's why I've taken the liberty to search far and wide for my top picks, also worthy of my Starcoins.

I adore the matching jacket & shorts combination. It's a perfect look for spring/summer. Another top pick of mine is the fitted, ultra-cute, navy polka dot blouse. This next item is a bit pricey, but well worth the cost in my opinion. I love the color, fit, structure and craftsmanship of the Pretty n' Love 'Soft Lavender Dress.'  Last, but not least...These last items will top off my summer picks' with a relaxing, but not-so-subtle bang.