Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get the look: Cara Delevigne

hello everyone! grace here :)
i'm so sorry i haven't been posting for a while, my internet broke and was without it for quite some time... but i'm back ;D

anyways, in this post i will be telling you how get the look of Cara Delevigne! i will show you how to do the make-up and how to dress like her! i chose to do this post on Cara because she is absolutely beautiful and has the most amazing style. hope you like! :)


here is the finished look: (outfit/make-up!)



   items for make-up:
   black eye-shadow
   sunset gold eye-shadow
   more moco blush
   black mascara (optional)


hope you liked the post, would like to hear your opinions so comment if you like! Thank-you for reading, 



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  1. aMazing ! i was wondering are you still looking for a graphic designer? :)

    - myfingerprint