Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Basics

So,everyone has those items in their stardoll closet,that are basically must haves,mine are pretty basic,so today i decided to share two of m favorites and how i style them

1.PPQ Velvet Skirt
So,this skirt is the classic must have on star doll,good colour,nice shape,and basically goes with most things on your closet,these outfits are simple and minimalistic,but skirt goes with any style you choose.

2.Decades Editorial Short
These shorts recently came out from decades,they are pretty,fit perfectly to your doll,and are also easy to match.

So,i know this was a quickie but i will be posting soon,i hope this was helpful,and i hope all of you have an amazing weekend



  1. Awesome post, Alexa! Your basics aren't basic at all - they're colourful and beautiful! Easy to put together, especially when you're great at creating outfits, like yourself! xD

  2. Thank you so much elisha,these are some of my favorite and must have pieces ever,i just wanted to help the dollies get clothes they need and will use often :)

  3. You're ever so welcome! These are must-haves for any fashionista!