Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ramona Flowers

So,Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is one of my favourite movies of all time,its a fun,interesting,funny movie.

So i am going show you how to get the look of ramona flowers,the girl with colourful hair and rad style that scott falls in love with.

This is the hairstyle that came closest to ramonas,she has 3 different hair colours throughout the movie,all of them look super cool :)

These are the two outfits inspired by her,her style is pretty laid back,and there is a lot of army jackets,bright colours,sweaters,chunky boots,and leather jackets.

This was my recreation of Ramona's look,i know it isn't exact,but it comes quite close,it is actually a really good idea for halloween and i am considering it :)


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