Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LE Winter Collection.

Yes,yes i have decided to do the stereotypical post this time round,so i had absolutely no clue or haven't even thought about a new collection of LE,maybe because i am not quite an expert in the area so maybe i forgot about the winter collection(even though the collection doesn't look winterish at ALL,but oh well)But there was the theory that LE comes out after the gift ometer.

This collection is not actually bad,yes there is the usual over done use of neon and leopard,but if you look a little deeper there are actually some pretty rad pieces.

   These are my personal picks,yes i am living the lifestyle of a non ss and i can certainly not afford any of it,so this this is just what i would buy if i had the money.

.I like the sweatshirt a lot and i love the slouchy design of it,its pretty flattering and looks great on your doll.

.I love the FIERCE daphne wedges,(i am so convinced that they are named after daphne Guinness but who knows)They are quite the statement in my opinion so all i have to say about them is BAD ASS wedges.

. I think the asos cat ears are really nice,they look pretty nice and the real life ones are gorgeous too,the price is really expensive(60 sd)but maybe it is because of the graphic effects.


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