Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

i know i am a little late for this post (again)but i am really sorry about that :)

 I would like to wish all Vintage stardoll readers a happy and exiting new year!if 2012 sucked than leave it all behind and start the fresh new year with new posts from us,of course we will not be posting more often since the holiday season is over,With some get the look,reviews and news from our duo!

So to stay in tradition i would like to present the music of this year,Vogue.ruby selection :)

                  New Order-Ceremony
                 Joy Division-Disorder
             Roxy Music-If there is something
                 The kills-Pale Blue Eyes
                David Bowie-Ashes to Ashes
                 Nirvana-Heart Shaped Box
            Crystal Castles-Child I will hurt you 
                The smiths-The queen is dead 
                   Lana Del Rey-Blue Jeans
                     The cure-A Forest
                  Sonic Youth- Creme Brulee
                                                   Azealia Banks- 212
                                               Bauhaus-Shes in partys
                                                   Nico-These Days
                    Nick Drake - Road 
               Siouxie And The banshees- Spell Bound 

                   Happy New year!


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