Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Mod

So we are finally back from a looong break,i am sorry for keeping all of you guys waiting,but sometimes other priorities come in the way and i could not post so often.

So i wanted to mix it up this time by bringing you a look inspired by the roaring 60s and 70s,as they are my favorite decades ever and i wish i had a time machine to go live in them,unfortunately thats not possible but they are always with us at heart,

Mostly you can find 60 or 70s themed clothes in a starplaza shop we like to call "Decades".I personally love that shop and the hidden stuff that most people overlook are so fabulous and cool.

                     Some outfits i created 

Some rad girls to check out are Twiggy,Edie Sedgwick,Veruschka,Jean Shrimpton etc.

                           Super rad Kicks


Most of us cant really wear everything we see on the runway,even though we would like to,and can wear some of those things on your doll,but thats the beauty of stardoll i guess. Decades often recreates some rad Prada and Miu Miu Designs Like these ...


                                                  Prada And Miu Miu Shades

                            Prada Bag
                        (I Adore This One)

This pretty much cover my Mod Themed Post,i hope you all enjoyed and more posts will be coming soon :)And you can  ignore the pink crap stardoll has been realising lately and choose vintage 60s Attire instead :)


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