Monday, April 15, 2013

dungarees! spring-summer 2013.

                       DUNGAREES ARE BACK!

Heyy everyone, grace here!
in this post i will be telling you vintage lovers about dungarees and how to style them! personally, i think they are amazing and super cute! not to keen on them? hopefully this will change your mind. :D

retro dungarees may be high fashion, but they can be worn in soo many different ways — not just for posh occasions, but for everyday use as well!

dungarees can have a boyish quality to them but by adding girly accessories like: belts, bracelets, necklaces, statement rings, and bold earings this will help to create a more balanced look. remember, piled on accessories look great with denim. adding interesting accessories makes sure your look will be fashion forward (and not stuck in the past!) 

overalls have a ton of options for layering! maybe try wearing tanks and short sleeve shirts under on hot summer days and adding a cardigan or leather jacket on top for colder nights. 

anyways, here is how i style them on stardoll:
==> get your own pair of dungarees by watching the first 4:01 show on stardoll, this is how i got mine! 


thank-you so  much for reading, i hope you liked this post! I would love to hear  your opinions so comment if you like! 


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