Monday, June 24, 2013

Dreams and Horror

Hello old friends,all apologies for my absence,but with the finals and exams coming up,i think you all understand why.So it seems I've picked the worst time to become a superstar,since nothing good is coming from stardoll,everything is just so monotone so pink,so uncreative,so boring.

I thought i might just make a post about two looks i really like,from the movies The virgin suicides and rosemary's baby.

I am pretty obsessed with the movie The Virgin Suicides,a couple of days ago i discovered this cool dress from decades.It really reminds me of her dress,a very dreamy and rad dress i would say.
Plus its on sale right now.(Decades Zelda Dress,13sd,7sd on sale)

Rosemary's baby is a pretty creepy movie,but you have to admit her style is pretty killer,so basically she wears a lot of baby doll dresses,collared ones,flowy ones,in super cool patterns.

Any dreamy,collared,flowy,and baby doll dress that you have,should work.


Or you could be doing her Pixie cut,freckles,and dark eyes.

So you could look (in the word of rookie magazine)spawn of satan chic.

                                Vogue.ruby :) 


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