Monday, January 12, 2015

Passing out the pieces

It has been quite a long time since i last posted on this blog,but i am back for a little post since i had some time in my hands.

So i wanted to do a little ''haul'' post if that is indeed what you call it,since i thought it would be the best thing to do.
Just a little look on some pieces i have liked these months.

1.Chanel tribute leather trenchcoat,2.Dolce and Gabbana tribute flower embroidered top,3.Original Future prada inspired miniskirt,4.Nelly Mini crop top,5.Basics Black satchel bag,6.Voile baroque gold heels.

1.this coat is on the pricier side for me at least,but its quite good for layering and pulling a good look together.

2.I reaally like this top,its soo pretty and delicate and cool and worth it in my opinion.

3.Havent quite figured out how to wear this,but it has that 60s vibe to me for some reason and the colors are really cool.

4.i really have been into turtle neck stuff lately and this is not something i would usually go for but this one is quite nice.

5.A quite basic bag that could go with anything,really cheap and underrated.

6.these are one of the nicest shoes i have seen on stardoll for awhile,a really cool piece.

This was a short post but i wanted at least something so i could keep this going once in a while, peace and blessings xoxo



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