Sunday, August 10, 2014

Looking good,feelin gorgeous

So as an experienced non ss,there is a lack of choice compared to superstars,but nonetheless i believe you can look great without all that jazz,i got a suggestion about this post and it seemed a really good idea so i decided to make a post about outfits completely of sc.

So you can say this is a general fashion post,star coin edition.

So yeah basically every item included is listed on the pictures but i know they arent the most glamourous of outfits but idk basically its an outlook to my fav sc items.

This was a mini post but i think i made my purpose,so in the future i was thining of doing posts on my purchases in new stores,let me know if that is something you would like to see.



  1. I love these outfits - you have such a stylish flair that it makes me see stuff in a totally new way. I also have a confession've made everything look so wonderful all over your blog that I sneaked into your room & took photos for my wishlist! heh

  2. ♥Perfect Outfits ♥ that's a indie look?That awsome!!!