Friday, July 26, 2013


Lately I'm really bored with star doll,there has been nothing exiting for weeks,except e couple of magazines and things here and there,but you know i haven't lost interest completely just yet,still hoping for something...

But until then i thought i would make a post about items worth buying right now,still available,still in the star plaza.

 The Everyday Long Blazer(60 sc) is an item i bought a long time ago when i was starting out,its cheap,its simple,and looks pretty good.

Im pretty sure they were called differently before but The Hotbuys Wedges(9 sd) came out with the Hotbuys summer retro collection that basically is bringing back all the old pieces.
I really find these wedges edgy and quite cool,and i sure stardoll is not that generous to keep these available for a long time,so i think its worth getting them now.

Chloe Sevigny looking rad in what i suppose is the real version of these shoes.

This Foggy Silk Print Skirt(9 sd) inspired by Proenza Schouler and i like it because it has a cool japanese vibe.

The Comfey Grey Shirt is quite old and a nice and affordable piece,i haven't worn it in a while,since its a little hard to create outfits with it,but i still think its worth a look.

Earlier this month there was a chanel tribute released that was okay,but one of my favourite pieces were The Chanel Lavender Sandals(17 sd).

So yeah i guess that was a short one,but i promise a longer post when there is more excitement in star doll.


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