Monday, September 30, 2013

Blonde Dream

I Wouldn't exactly know how to call this look,but this.

Inspired mostly by The Virgin Suicides,when i think of this i basically imagine blonde girls running in fields and basically everything sunny and sad .
Yes i know its already autumn,and not summer but i don't care.

 Face and hair wise,just natural messy and almost no make up on.

                                                            My version of this look

This is one of my favourite pictures,its just basically these dreamy blondes in their own fantasy world.I'm not a blonde myself,but somehow the way the lisbon girls are portrayed in the movie with their longing,sandiness,dreams is what i admire.


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For this look i imagine flowy dresses and light colors,and black lace and boots and black gothic shoes,white shirts,and basically really looking like you did not put effort into it.

1.Decades Zelda dress,fallen angel rose tulle scarf,fallen angel 
wednesday shoes.
2.Bonjour Bizou striped pocket top,pretty n love flowing lace skirt,decades long pearl necklace,bonjour bizou alexa tap shoes.

3.Archive Sequin Sheer Overlay dress,Chanel Lavender Sandals,Antidote Ivoire Orbit Socks,Decades fierce pink shades.

                                       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

   And of course,lots and lots of flower crowns and head bands.

1.Pretty in Love Daisy headband 2.Pretty in Love Miss World Crown 3.Flower girl head band.

                                Photos shot by Petra Collins for Rookie

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So i hope you will like this look i tried to recreate,and will try it as well,just like being a lisbon sister,or a dreamy blonde

Im sorry that i haven't posted in a long while,i was busy during my vacation,and star doll is very very boring lately,but i have some posts coming soon,that i hope you will like.

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  1. I love your blog so much, and this post is especially wonderful. I too am a huge fan of this movie and this captures it so well! I wanted to ask you if you could do a post on how to dress like Cassie from Season 1, 2, & 7 of Skins UK (not sure if you've watched skins or not, but its a phenomenal series and I think you'd like it very much: you can watch it on Netflix if you're so inclined). She has such a particular style, and I think you'd really be able to capture it well. Best wishes xx - jennakorpas

  2. Hi ! Thanks for the nice comment! I haven't watched skins yet,but i am familiar with effie stonem and also cassie,and i find their style quite interesting,and i have been meaning to do start watching,thanks a lot for the suggestion! I will be doing that sometime soon,i just need to watch a few episodes,thanks a lot for the support :)