Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Month

I have to admit stardoll has put out some pretty decent collections and pieces lately,but to my luck,i have run out of all the sd i had left,but anyways.
The cheap monday collection is super nice and the callie's picks thing is also ok,but i am showing overall what i bought this month,with the remaining money i had.
I guess you could call this a ''Haul'',since maybe some of you might be interested in what i liked this month,maybe.

1.Pretty in Love Hearts Denim Jacket 2.Decades West Egg Blouse 3.Bonjour Bizou Dazzling Red Shoes,4.Pretty In Love Compact Carpet Bag 5.Decades Full Skirt 6.Fallen Angel Rose Tulle Scarf 7.Pretty In Love Dynasty Veil 8.Pretty In Love Castle Embroidered Blouse.

1.So pretty in love has recently brought back some of the old stuff,including this nice denim jacket,which i did not get my hands on while it was still available,i love the jacket except the hearts on the shoulders,but those can be covered up and plus i got it on sale.

2.Even though the choice isn't great,stardoll has a lot of nice sc items,since now this is all i can buy,i rediscovered this simple sheer top which basically goes with everything.

3.I discovered these as well,pretty shiny,pretty glittery which typically is sort of not my thing,but i really like these,and they are super cheap.

4.I saw this bag on a recent post in our partner blog link for reference),its quite lovely,inspired by Dolce and Gabbana i believe,a nice piece.

5.Love this flowing,vintage looking skirt,and since it was an sale,always rad!

6.This scarf sort of is really romantic to me somehow and sort of  gothic but really wearable and cool.

7.Havent figured out how to pull this off quite yet,but i am sure it will look cool.

8.Again,one of the items that re-appeared on Pretty in Love,and i just like the collar and pattern and stuff like that.

1.Decades Double Breasted Coat 2.Nelly Stardust Hair Piece 3.Pretty in Love Chain Loafer Platforms 4.Pretty In Love Black lys A Line Skirt 5.Callie's picks Tartan Wool Skirt 6.Callie's Picks Tartan Turban 7.Archive Sequin Sheer Overlay Dress.

1.I am not quite sure yet about how i am going to style this coat,but it was on sale and its pretty nice in my opinion.

2.I loove this thing,its a bit pricey just for a hair piece but its really pretty and the graphics are pretty good on it,it looks great on dark hair and basically goes with anything.

3.These shoes seemed sort of preppy to me,yes pretty simple but i liked the shape and the height and whatever,a good pair of shoes to get on sale.

4.Been meaning to get this skirt for a long time,cool shape.

5.So exited when i saw this was back,a sort of must have for my closet especially this time round.

6.I dont own a turban and this one looked better than the other ones available.

7.I bought this one a little while ago,but i had to include it because its super nice,and just perfect for me.

So yeah i am sorry this is a little bit of a short post,but i thought it would be fun to do,and maybe you would be interested.



  1. I want that skirt from decades, look awesome. And for sure i own most of those things, that you show us. I simply love your style.

    1. Thank you,really glad you liked the post and thanks a lot :)

  2. Great post! Your style is exceptional, and you make me see these pieces in a whole new light. I ended up buying most of these items after reading this. I'd really love to see more frequent posts from you.

    1. Wow,thank you for the kind words, i highly appreciate it,i try to post as frequently as i can,thanks for recommending skins btw,i watched the first 4 seasons and i loved them :)

    2. You're very welcome, and I'm glad you're enjoying Skins! :)

  3. I'd love to hear what you think about the new Limited PPQ Collection

  4. Are you ever going to post again? I really miss your rad views and posts!