Tuesday, August 5, 2014


So,i once decided that i would not post again on here,because honestly i have gotten older and busier and i have slowly lost my interest for stardoll.

But i decided to post something finally,and i would like to say thank you to every one who said nice things about this blog and sort of pushed me to continue this,im really thankful.

So with good vibes and good music let me start this up again.

1.Bonjour Bizou candy little sweater,Basic black long skirt,B.bizou optical flats,Dior Couture Black Lady Dior M.

2.Basics White lace dress,Evil Panda Shoulder slung moto jkt,It girls Blue wrap around skirt,Fallen angel wednesday shoes.

3.Bonjour Bizou Striped pocket top,archive ripped denim hotpants,Fallen angel silk navy blazer,Fallen Angel fedora,Cheap monday Layer boot hide,Decades Purple sun shades.


accessories to look out for
1.The Black Lady dior M is a really classy and just a really well made bag,it goes with a lot of stuff and it just looks pretty as hell on,it is a little pricey but if you are going to spend money on a bag,spend it on this.

2. i am obsessed with these cheap monday boots,they look great on and like just are such a must have in a closet,i actually really wish i could own them in real life.

3.This dior necklace just really reminds me of old hollywood glamour,looks great with black clothes and is really versatile.

4.so these bizou flats are pretty neat and um cheap and non ss which is suprising,loove them.

5.this bag made a comeback from originally being in the versace tribute,quite pricey like everything on sd these days but still a good piece to have.


Love the new tatoos on sd,not all of them are great but im pretty sure everyone can find one that goes with their style.

So Thats all for this post but i would really really like some suggestions for posts,i would like to keep this blog alive for a little while,so please dont be shy and ask me stuff :)



  1. I am shocked!! after reading and re-reading there's an update..YAAAAAAY!
    Naturally I missed getting CP's versace rerun; also the Tartan Wool Skirt and I can't even think about it as it makes me so sad.

    Your blog is fantastic anyway you do it. If you want suggestions maybe you could feature a few starcoin only outfits or a doll that's never been superstar and is stylish.
    I'm so glad you're back XD

    1. Thanks a lot doll :) I actually think your idea is great and will start on that post as of now,im glad to be back .

  2. I miss this blog, are fav in my toolbar. I really wish u post with more frequently honey! Kisses from Venezuela.

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