Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coco Chanel Tribute review

hi guys, i haven't done a post in a while because i have been quite busy, i will be posting more so be sure to read all of our other posts!

anyways, i will be reviewing the new Coco Chanel tribute:

I really like these outfits. mainly because it's very beautiful and simple, but real hip at the same time. Also, The hair is highly unique and original. In my opinion, I find the shoes quite weird, because with these outfits you would expect them to be less girly and more adventuress. personally, i think the black dress on the far right is probably a bit to casual for this brand, they should have defiantly put some different shoes on it to maybe make it look better. Also i don't think it should cost 34 star-dollars, that's way to much for a casual dress like that.

here is the second set of clothing by Coco Chanel. Again, i'm not too keen on the shoes. i thought they would have been a bit more over the top and extravagant. although, the 2 outfits on the far left are really cute. especially the pink one, it's really pretty. none of these outfits are something i would consider putting on my me-doll.


well, that was my review on the new coco Chanel clothing. i would love to hear what you  think of these outfits, so maybe leave a little comment?  thanks for reading!

written by:  qrace.

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