Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fallen Angel's new collection

Hello people !
so here's my first post on that very nice blog, hope you'll enjoy it (and I'm super glad to join the team !) ;)

As you may have noticed, stardoll has released some newbies in Fallen Angel. I always thought that brand was mainly reserved for emo-goth people because of its dark-torn-studded clothes. The new collection is here more about edginess : it really looks like clothes coming from the future (something between Tingeling and Original Future) ! They are really shaped and more colorful than the others (which is for me a new thing in that shop).
So, what do you think about that ? Will you buy any ?

Here is my favorite pick up of the collection. Let me know if you recognize any in real life.. I love how the black and white pattern looks grungy and futuristic at the same time. Also Stardoll did a great job on designing the bag / I think this is the must have piece of the collection !

Cheers and stay tuned !
Marion/ Kickherout xx

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