Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time For Tea

Hello again,so im back today after some days of not posting(sincerely sorry about that)i was buzzing around stardoll and thought,why shouldnt i make a little segment called time for tea,basically just giving you the inside scoop and what i have been finding interesting this week,or what i have been loving,what everyone is hyped about,yada yada yada..Just like having tea with me and in the same time just a chat...

Ok,so first i have to tell you about the new series on underneath stardoll,its called Stardoll story.I mean i praise the person who writed this segment, i mean i just find it so entertaining,because most of the time i just find blog posts informative and helpful,but this series and the today s top trends what were they thinking segment just pure entertaining,thats why i love blogs,frankly without them stardoll would be boring :)

Soooo!The New Chanel summer collection came out some days ago.woot woot Raise the roof,honestly this collection is nice,but you know just not all that but i still think its okay,but i am 
really really craving the white embroidered vest,and thats the only one,this collection had a rather futuristic theme,that is most of the time not really my cup of tea,but For a better review grace. just made on :)

Holy shit!I mean i was blown away by this,is this girl normal,i love lana and this is just a master piece,yes this amazing wall art was made by annie from russia A.k.A Ladyrock07,I mean she said in an interview that it took quite a few days,mega huge props to this talented Member:)




I am seriously obsessed with these magazines,i have read every single issue of these magazines and i just love them and they are addictive,if you still have not checked them out then hurry up,honestly they give the best styling tips that you never thought would help you.Their graphics are just amazing, and their issued never ever fail to impress:)




So that was time for tea today,but more are soon to come up,yayayaya.



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