Friday, June 22, 2012

Time For Tea

Hello Again!Im Back with a new Time for tea segment!So Without further a due,I'm just going to present to you in star doll over this post :)

So First i have to talk about this amazing blog right here,its this great blog run by A_Horror,if you are a more grungy person on star doll like i am,its just very inspirational,fun and just gives the best tips ever,i love her diy and other reviews on stuff.So You should definitely check it out!

So the new antidote just came out,and may i just state,every single thing on star doll is getting shitty and monotone,even though i can not buy it,i just think that this collection really really disappointed me, i only like about 3 items in this collection.Old antidote Collections were special and limited and very different and exclusive,this one just doesn't make the cut.

So This is the point of the month were everyone gets exited,and hey so do i,so these hot buys were actually not bad,compared to the previous ones:(But there are only about two items that i am actually thinking about saving up and buying,anyways some are as usual not my cup of tea but as i said this collection is not bad.

There has been a lot of changes and additions on star doll, one of them is the new addition of star doll achievements,in my opinion star doll is trying to make this site too competitive, i mean first the levels and now the achievements,i just feels this is really pushing the whole elite dolls and more important dolls or whatever,i just think this is really unnecessary,there is one plus side though getting achievements comes with star points(usually 2)anyways what do you think of this new addition?

So That was it for this time for tea episode for this week,expect more to come up :) 


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