Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So,there are some things in the bazaar that i really,really crave,there are different ideas of rare from doll to doll.But mine are these pieces that are quite old,you do not see on much dolls,but have this meaning to you and look like real vintage.Or maybe it is just me who has an obsession with underrated items.

I have this ever-growing obsession with this item here,maybe because i have a fetish for velvet,something about this dress is so flattering to me,its not very popular but i adore it.I do not own it unfortunately but i hope to have it in the future galaxy.

I also really love printed shirts,these are my absolute favourites,the first one represents God Save The Queen,i am a huge fan of the sex pistols and the shirt is super rad.I am a big lover of bob dylan so the other shirt is to die for :)

So I have this craving for vintage bizou shoes,mostly their really old loafers and boots,do you see how precious these shoes are? I am in love with every single one of them,truly gems.

I absolutely love this FjallRaven Bag that stardoll recreated for us,its quite rare and not a lot of dolls actually have it,but i actually own one in real life,and i adore it to death.

Christopher Kane is one of my favourite designers ever,words can not express how much i love his work,stardoll recreated his designs quite a bit,and these two are my absolute faves.

The infamous joker hat is quite wanted on stardoll,its quite rare and is super rad,its just really flattering and mysterious looking,and very grungy for some reason in my eyes.



  1. I love it *--* I have the God save the Queen t-shirt, it's perfect haha

  2. Thank you :) That shirt is awesome,lucky you :)

  3. I'm selling the bob dylan shirt