Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Help

So even i can sometimes get confused about what accessories i should get? Will they match? Maybe a little too expensive? In this post i just took some of my ultimate favourites and basically styled them,everyone has their different styles and this may not be helpful, read more for some super rad and edgy accessories.

             1.Fallen Angel Tadpole Galaxy Necklace 

     So yeah, i just love this,its really cool and originally by pamela love,it just adds some edge to any outfit and is       
    Pretty cheap to buy, i definitely use it a lot for outfits.


                     2.Decades Fierce Pink Shades


These came out a while ago and 

they are really awesome,they 

look retro and the shape is 

pretty sweet .I am not quite sure why they are called pink but oh well                                                                                


                   3.Basic Plum Booties

I have been loving these booties since they came out last week,i love the colour, the shape, the style and the autumn shades to it,and i really wish i owned them in real life.

So o think thats it for this post,and i hope it was helpful,these items are also all in starcoins and maybe i will be doing sc outfits next time :)



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  2. hey, whats the brand of the grey top of 2nd look of the Fallen Angel Tadpole Galaxy Necklace? loved the blog!