Sunday, November 4, 2012

Get the look : Charlotte free

Hello! So i have always had this obsession with the rad Charlotte Free, i just adore her style and look.


So this is her,she is an american model from L.A,who is really known for her pink hair and edgy style.

This is the look i thought was closest to hers,the hair really reminded me of hers,and of course the pink hair is a must.I dip dyed it but you can do the whole thing.She has blue eyes,and her makeup is always simple and almost unnoticeable,i would go with a natural lip colour,and some light eye shadow :)

                     Sporty Grunge


                           Soft Grunge

This is how i styled my doll according to her,i mean she does not have a specific style,but i would describe it as Sporty,edgy and colourful.

So i guess this raps up my post,i hope this was helpful,i am not exact with charlotte but i tried to do a look as similar as possible to hers. Thank you so much for reading :)


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