Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Floral patterns:

hi there vintage lovers! so lets face it, everybody loves a bit of flower power here and there, but are you having trouble trying to find particular types of clothing that will actually go with the floral pattern? well, don't worry because here are a few tips and simple outfits that might help you out! also, if you are trying to look for flowery types of clothing, BIZOU is the perfect shop to go to! :)

 so, here is an outfit I have put together recently. It is mainly for people who like to mix and match with colours. To accessorize, I have used a simple black hat from Bizou, which gives this outfit an edgy look. I used a light blue skirt because light blue was the colour that least stood out on the T-shirt.(I wanted to bring it out more because it's a beautiful colour) Also, underneath the floral top, i have used a white collared crop top to make the outfit look more interesting!

this is also an outfit i recently thought of, I used the 'pink grey forties knee length skirt' from the shop 'windows of the world' to achieve the vintage look, and too bring out the significance of this beautiful crop-top. I had a few accessories in my suite like the 'Jackie Handbag' (also from windows of the world) and a brown skinny belt (from Bizou) which I could have used for this outfit, but it's up to you what you want to use! Also, to replace the skirt, you can use 'blushed tapered trousers' from IT GIRLS, and add a 'patched denim vest' from Bizou to complete the look.


well, i hope you enjoyed reading this! and i hope all these fashion tips helped and you have a vintage floral look in your mind right now. (:

written by:  qrace.

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