Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey everyone! I often browse around Starbaazar and look for nice, cute, vintage-looking, and rare pieces. In this post, I am going to include some items that are rare and you should look for. This is the Stardollar edition a Starcoin edition will be up soon, enjoy........

                              The pip Crop top: A very sought-out piece, its very cute and charming. It adds a touch of pretty to any outfit. It was a hot buy before, certainly a piece to look out for the next time you shop.

                                        This is also a very looked out for piece. It's very edgy, a unique denim vest, and it has more of a washed-out look. If you want to add a little bit of rebellion to your outfit, look out!

 Now this bag is To DIE for! It's so chic and stylish. One of the IT bags on Stardoll, it's definitely a stylish piece to add to your closet. We assure that you will turn heads.....

The Alberta Ferretti (Philosophy) Jacket is quite a nice piece. Doesn't it remind you of a safari trip? The olive colour makes it easy to combine with a lot of clothing. A stunner for sure!

I love everything about this jacket, the colour, fit and shape. Its a very pretty jacket and it's worth buying. I'm not sure if it's a rare, but it's still gorgeous. It would fit great on everyone, it's surely something to look at.

I think that's it for this post...I will be posting the Starcoin edition soon, until then byee!

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