Saturday, May 5, 2012

Menswear, why not?

Well when we talk abut menswear,most girls think that you can not pull it off,of course you have the female clothes inpired by menswear,but i am talking about legit menswear , menswear is definetly not for everyone,but for those who like to experiment,and go out of limits, this will show just how to do it.

So here i used a mr.garcon jacket and a shirt, now i love this look,its very chic and it looks like im going to a cricket game somewhere in england,well the key of not looking wierd in menswear is to add feminine accsesories, mens jackets can be very hard to pull off so a touch of feminine is a must.

This look is my favorite, i love the the combination of the chunky menswear sweater,with the detailed super cute skirt,and the secret in this is if you wear something like a sweater or a jacket (menswear) then pair it with something completely the opposite with it,like i did here,like i said before keep the accsesories very feminant like the glasses.......

This includes only one masculine piece but its a gorgeous outfit,i totally love the bag,i mean its gorgeous right?any ways so here i just piled on a big big jacket and a very pretty one from film theory i think..and underneath i wore a floral dress that compliments the white shirt very well...


Anyways this concludes this post i hope you enjoyed this, i love menswear and i am not afraid to wear it ,its not what you wear its how you wear it,it can look absolutely wrong or absolutely chic,so till later



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