Monday, May 28, 2012

The dip dye trend

Hello again!I have not been able to write for a while,exams kept me busy and all, anyways today i come with a new post called the dip dye trend,its been seen on the real world and on stardoll,so im just going to show how you can do it on stardoll,of course there is a lot of ways and they are super easy and pretty....

So the most simple way is to buy hair with the dip dye effect on them,the tress up wig store,has all of their wigs supporting the dip dye trend,this one if one of my favorites.

The next version is my favorite,just getting some highlighter,

and colouring the ends of your hair,i you are choosing bright colours pair it with lighter shades of hair,and i think black is also a nice idea...

So i hope you enjoyed this post, its a lot of fun to do,one of the biggest trends right now,and it looks great....

Till next time




  1. I think the first one is the only nice one

    1. Thanks!Everyone has theyre own opinions i guess,have you tryed the trend yet?