Wednesday, May 9, 2012

News Flash

Hey Hey! So im starting this new segement called news flash, since the whole posting about every single new thing on stardoll is kinda not my thing , so im just going to include all the new stuff on stardoll worth mentioning....

                            So.... The new additions to evil Pandaah

I quite like the collection,just a little bit of it came on the shop today,but im sure more is to come,anyways check it out,looks gr


  Oh yeah.. the new stardesign hair just came out, it was about Time...

So it just came out,not very good at it but im sure its nice,but not so many choices i guess, anyways finally something nice

kk,so just wanted to say that the new hotbuys are coming out often,and i dont know why but they are just exiting,one thing that is not exiting at ALL, is the prices i mean really? cmon stardoll.... So this dress is my favorite , its an amazingly well done dress, it fits perfectly.BUT its still costs 23 Sd, uhh i know.

So guys that was the newflash for now, expect more soon......




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