Friday, May 4, 2012

My Picks Of the week

Hello again,so im starting this segment on the blog that includes my picks,balenciaga,and grace. s picks for the week,so im going to start with my picks...


So i purchased this jacket a week ago,i really really like it and its,become a must have in my closet,so anyways this is one of my picks...........

All i have to say is i am so in love with this skirt,its so vintage,pin up 40s inspired,cute and spunky.I tried this skirt in a hippie like look and it was perfect,i really reccomend it.

                                   Tress up Tijana Hair

So as you guys know, the new tress up wigs are selling like hot cakes,i have to admit it has been getting a bit monotone,but i have to ask, are the designed wigs well, out?Anyways my favorite are the tijana hair , i love that all of them are supporting the dip dye hair trend,any ways this is my pick

Written By :Vogue Ruby

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