Friday, May 4, 2012

aztec/retro look

hi guyssss. So recently I have really badly fallen in love with the new retro look. This is because it's full of beautiful vibrant colour and interesting shapes. If you don't know the retro look is, here are two examples, which i absolutely LOVE. (in nail-vanish form)   

i like this nail vanish because it is different and simpler then the second example. by deciding to use the main colour as black, it make the rest of the design stand out because black is a very bold and outstanding colour.

This second one is definitely my favorite of the two retro looks I have chosen to show you, mainly because it uses much more colour range and have more shape variety.    


there is a lovely retro/vintage t-shirt i have been keeping my eye on. here it is: 

the reason i love this top is because it has a lot of detail and a beautiful range of colours. I extremely love the colour that is included in the top as-well, it's what makes the t-shirt look vintage.

well, i hope you like this and you will start liking the retro style. Thanks for reading!

written by:  qrace.

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